Online Ordering Guide

How to Place an Order with

1) Visit the Store

From the Home Page, select “Book Your Order” on the left-side Menu:

This will open our catalogue, featuring various options including our standard Sign Post Installation Package, rider bundles and a variety of other options:

2)  Select Your Product & Add to the Cart

Click on the product/service that you are interested in – it will open and give you the options available for that product along with a brief explanation of what is included. Some service packages are customizable (for example, riders will have the options to choose OPEN HOUSE, COMING SOON, or SOLD). Some also have bundle options and drop downs will allow you to select the bundle and show the price options associated with each bundle. 

Once you’ve chosen your item and the custom option, select “ADD TO CART”

Once the item is added, it will be displayed as “Added to Cart!” You can continue shopping by selecting “Book Your Order” again on the left-side menu, or if you are finished, select “View Cart” to confirm details:

3) Proceed to Check-Out

In the “Cart” screen, the top of the page is where you will include the INSTALLATION ADDRESS & enter details related to the install location that the installer may need to know (for example: cross streets or underground water features) in the “NOTE” area. There is also a drop-down calendar to choose your installation date (or, if you are scheduling a removal book the date you want the post uninstalled):

Once you have entered key details about the property and chosen the installation date, you will see your selected items listed.

Before you proceed to payment, you'll be asked to verify the installation address by selecting this button:

Address Verification

Once you ticked the "Address is Verified" box, click “CHECK OUT” to proceed to enter the payment and billing details.

4) Enter Your Billing Information

The first screen is where you will enter the BILLING DETAILS.

Our installer also needs the agent name, the agent contact number and a brokerage name in the event that there is a concern during the installation and he needs to reach the agent and/or brokerage. 

5) Credit Card Information

Enter the payment details, credit card information (note that this should be the cardholder billing address not the installation address, unless the credit cardholder is also the location of the sign installation) and apply any discount code you may have.

The default setting is to auto-fill "Billing Information" for the Credit Card Holder Information - this can be changed in the event that the booking agent is using a brokerage credit card, admin credit card etc. by click the option "Separate Address" option:

Once the credit card information is entered, check the final total and select “Complete Order”

6) Receive Confirmation

You will receive an email confirming your has been received. Once your order has been completed, you will receive a Fulfillment Notice  from our team. Any questions can always be submitted to

NOTE: Email is the best form of contact and will receive the most direct, expedient reply. We cannot accept orders via email, they must be placed through the online system. Any questions can be submitted through our CONTACT US form and we are more than happy to guide anyone new to the system through placing an order.