I'm New! Can You Help Me Place My First Order?

Certainly! Here is our Online Order Guide for new users.

What Are Your Rates for Residential Installations?

A standard residential installation in Kitchener, Waterloo or Cambridge $45 + HST.
Additional  services such as adding or removing a rider after installation or  adjusting a sign, or installations outside the core service area range  between $19-$100.


What does a standard Installation Package include?

A regular installation includes:


  • 1 Vinyl Post
  • Maximum Visibility
  • Sign Secured
  • Photo Confirmation
  • Removal Upon Request*
  • Sign Storage**

*Rental includes 90 days & option to renew

**KWPosts will store agent signs after post removal upon agent request


Can I Email You or Call You With My Order Direct?

To ensure the smoothest delivery of our services, all installation requests need to be submitted using our order system - this includes any cancellations, removals or extras.


How Soon Can I Expect My New Listing to Have a Sign Installed?

In our service area, we  install the next business day (Monday to Friday) on orders submitted:


  1. Before 8 p.m.
  2. Monday through Friday*
  3. With All Property Details (full address including city and postal code)
  • Out of town orders require 48 hours notice

 *Orders submitted Saturday or Sunday (before 8 p.m.) will be processed for Monday installation - this includes removals


Holiday Hours Will Be Posted As Applicable on Our Home Page


Why Don't You Take Next Day Orders After 8 p.m.?

At KWPosts we want to deliver optimal, efficient service to our clients. This means plans and routing our installs every day to ensure your installs are done timely and with quality. By 9 p.m. each night our team is prepped and planned for the next business day with your installations. 


But I Have a Late Listing and MUST HAVE a Sign Tomorrow!


We understand. Contact us at KWPosts@hotmail.com for information about emergency and/or expedited installs.


My Sign Is Leaning/Falling Over?

If your sign begins to fall over/is tilting within the first seven (7) days of installation, please send a photo to KWPosts@hotmail.com with the full address (street address, unit number, city and postal code). Our installers will re-install the post at no cost to you.

If you contact us on a weekend or holiday, please note that we will reply once regular business hours resume. Email is the only way to submit these repair requests - phone calls or individual texts to our installers will not put your request in the next-business day queue.

My Post Has Been In For a Month or more) and Is FALLING OVER! Will You Repair It?

Absolutely! Hope over here and request a site visit - the charge is $19 - simply specify the address in the "Install Address Field" and include in this note (along with the address) the state of the post here (for example - if it is leaning, or has completely fallen over).


Who Stores My Signs?

To ensure quick, efficient service, KWPosts will store your signs at no charge to you.

Prefer to keep your signs and  provide them to us for every install?

Not a problem. Please have your sign already on site at your new listing for our installer if you want our installer to attach it with the Post Installation.


What if I Need a Post Installed at  A Condo?

KWPosts  is able to install at condominiums. However, most condo corps have  strict policies:

  • Verify with the condo corp about allowable signage and location of signs
  • Include specific sign details about the condo when placing your order
  • Note that any additional costs as a result of fines or loss of property are the responsibility of the agent

Various City By-Laws also restrict sign placement on city property as well:

  • Boulevards aren't an alternative to condo property for sign installations
  • The City may seize signs, posts & levy fines

KWPosts strives to inform and protect our clients to ensure you're protected from fines and property loss.

My Listing is A Brand New, Not Fully Finished Property. How Does That Work for Post Installation?

Challenges at new home builds can include:


  • Ongoing Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Service Providers
If you are aware of a better location for your sign, please be sure to let us know so our installers can be informed. 


Any post-install adjustments, fines or loss of property due to service providers moving, relocating or removing of the sign will be subject to additional costs. 


My Listing Has a Special Underground Feature. I Need To Meet the Installer to Show Him Where to put the Post. Who Do I Call?

KWPosts  has a high volume of installations on any given day, and unfortunately, our team isn't always able to meet in person.


If your listing has an underground feature such as an electric fence or a sprinkler system that could be impacted by our post installation, please inform when your listing is submitted. We also suggest using a marker to indicate the ideal location:


  • Flags
  • Stakes with Ribbons or Tinsel
  • Directional Arrows/Pointers


If our installers are instructed to look for a marker and none are present on their arrival, they will use their best judgement and proceed with installation. This saves you the time and cost of a second site visit. 


Any additional costs as a result post-install adjustments, fines or loss of property are the responsibility of the agent. 


My Seller Wants to Remove the Sign - Should I Tell Him Sure?

Our posts are installed to ensure they withstand the elements and stay upright. This means they are comprised of several components and cannot simply be "pulled" from the ground. Not only could your seller injure themselves - they can also damage the post resulting in a significant charge to agents.
If your post is ready for removal, CLICK HERE to request the removal date. Our installers will remove the post properly, ensure your sign isn't damaged and save the seller any grief or injury in the process.
Please confirm with your sellers about leaving SOLD signs for extended periods - if your seller takes initiative to remove a post and causes damage, agents are responsible.


What Happens If A Post Is Damaged or Not Returned?

Sign posts are the responsibility of the listing agent. A post that has been  severely damaged or is not returned will result in an additional charge. 


I Love Stickers! Can I put a sticker on my sign post?


KWPosts aims to deliver a product that is:

  • Clean
  • Professional
  • Polished

Our posts are a canvas for your professional marketing. Stickers often leave residue and bleed colour that ruins the look of the posts for future agents. KWPosts requests that agents do not use stickers or other markers on posts - riders are available through the store to add to your sign.

KWPosts will provide, at no charge, on request of the agent, rider clips on all post arms for you to use and install your riders. Stickers on our posts will automatically result in a charge of $19 for cleaning.